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"Thanks to 3 years (and more to come!) with Jamie, I have completely transformed my physical and mental health. I am the happiest I have ever been and am not stopping here! 
My biggest achievement is that I have overcome my depression - resulting in coming off antidepressants after 4 years."


Testimonials: Testimonials

"I've never felt better. I don't think people understand when you tell them my mentality has changed and its all down to going to the gym. The overall feeling of feeling really well, sleeping better and just all round feeling better"


Testimonials: Testimonials

Jamie's online live classes are the best. He plans every session really well and the set up, video and sound on them is always good. He also also added video versions of these and they are perfect when the online options for the day do not have a class you fancy. Overall, these classes have massively improved my fitness, which at the end of the day, is what really counts!

Gary Taylor

I was not motivated when I started going to the gym, after starting personal Training with Jamie. My fitness level has increased and I feel a lot more confident and energised.

Nisha Paul

Jamie is a fantastic trainer and his online HiiT classes are an absolute must. Jamie consistently switches up the format by introducing new challenges, interesting themes and a great variety of exercises. I’m fitter then ever all thanks to his classes and genuinely look forward to each session. Keep doing what you’re doing Jamie!

Kate Atkinson

Testimonials: Testimonials

"I been working with Jamie for the last 2 years both at PT Level and in his group classes. Both have been rewarding and fun however 2 things happened last year which completely changed my own personal fitness training and these are both thanks to Jamie. The first being during the first lockdown when no classes were running he kept us sane with a variety of online classes but more importantly he introduced the 12 week challenge. For the first time in my life I was writing my own fitness routines to meet the weekly challenges and motivate myself. Winning the summer challenge was a definite highlight of 2020. The second game changer was the introduction of the myzone belt which has given me the most accurate insights into how I am training be it during a functional strength routine or a HIIT class. Again this really helped during lockdown 2.0. I feel I have learnt so much from Jamie during the past two years and this has given me a brillant foundation to continue on my fitness goals at both a physical and mental level."


Testimonials: Testimonials

When we started training together we solely focused on High Intensity Interval Training and focused a lot on Bootcamp style training and Boxing. Since then not only has his body transformed but his training has also! We introduced him to weight training to increase his muscle mass and he now lifts some very impressive numbers! A few injuries to contend with along the way, which we have conquered
The most impressing thing about Mike is that he’s never afraid to try something new and challenges himself and take on monster workouts!

The result OF ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS a leaner, more defined, more mobile and confident Mike!

Mike Chester

Testimonials: Testimonials

I would totally recommend Jamie to anyone looking to have some personal training. As well as being demanding and tough in his sessions which you would expect, he also has a great sense of humour which he uses to get the best out of you so it doesn’t feel too torturous. Definitely worth every penny.

Aaron Hubbard

Jamie’s online HiiT and circuit classes have kept me going through lockdown and really improved my fitness and strength. Challenging but fun. Every class is different so never boring and you never know what is coming next!! Thanks so much Jamie.

Jenny Sadler

Jamie is a fab and affordable personal trainer, who teaches an array of fitness styles and is fun to work with and he does push you to always better yourself id definatley recommend him as a personal trainer

Catherine Horn

Testimonials: Testimonials

When we started Dave’s back was incredibly fragile and we spent weeks and months building up his strength and mobility through Pilates, gradually introducing Bodyweight exercises and the right resistance training.

When we started he could not squat or lunge, as his body wouldn’t allow him. He now squats the heavier kettlebells and completes weighted lunges across the gym floor. He used to struggle with some of the more basic Pilates exercises but is now working on completing some of the more advanced due to his hard work in completing the mobility exercises he’s given in his own time.

He has lost over 3 stone, relieving stress off of his joints and back. All without throwing any real high intensity at him, as he has nailed his diet and increased his level of activity to sustain a calorie deficit!

Dave Chapman

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Testimonials: Testimonials

Would totally recommend Jamie. He is lovely and positive. Really interested in helping people to get the right results for them. And defo knows what he's talking about which is a blessing!

Kim Clapsom

Would totally recommend Jamie! His workouts are awesome and he is a great example of how effective his training methods are !

Suzan Opperman

Really good clear workout and progress, hard working, genuine guy and would strongly recommend!

Jack Galloway

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