Battle Ropes: Torch Your Body Fat!

So you’ve seen countless videos of me from this page waving these around but what actual benefit are you getting from adding them as part of your routine?

Battle Ropes are a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean muscle mass. The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle. They also provide a killer cardio workout that will ignite your muscles and torch off that unwanted bodyfat!

If your adding them as part of your routine there are 3 Key Rules to follow:

Move in Many Directions Don't just move the ropes up and down. Try different motions to work different muscles and skills. Going from side to side, for example, places more emphasis on your hips and core, building total-body stability. Moving the ropes in circles improves shoulder mobility and range of motion, boosting athleticism and reducing your risk of injury. Adding Squats or Lunges while your creating movement with the ropes will help sculpt your whole body!

Use Ropes for Everything Battling ropes are commonly used as a finisher or as one exercise in a larger circuit. But ropes also make for a great workout in and of themselves, using lighter ropes and maintaining waves or any other exercise for sustained periods of time 10-20mins is the same as using a grappler or arm bike. teaching your mind to focus and helps your body flush lactic acid. It also extends the time your muscles are under tension, helping you build strength as you shed fat.

Adjust the Resistance The amount of slack in the rope determines the load. Moving away from the anchor point decreases exercise intensity, while stepping toward the anchor point increases it. Adjust the slack so you're challenged to complete each set. If you're doing a battling-rope workout, alternate between two minutes closer to the anchor point and one minute farther away. The time you spend further from the anchor point provides active recovery and is a great form of interval

So if I’ve convinced you to pick them up, heres some circuits to have a go at!


Alternate Waves (20secs)

Rest (20secs)

(Repeat 3 times)


Alternate Waves (20secs)

Double Waves (20secs)

Rest (20secs)

(Repeat 3 times)


Alternate Waves (20reps)

Double Waves (20reps)

Outward Circles (10reps)

Inward Circles (10reps)

Slams (10reps)

Rest (1min)

(Repeat 3 times)

Check the video below for the exercises!!

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