Kettlebells: Why use them?

You’ve probably seen them in the hands of everyone at your gym however you’re still hesitant to pick one up. While kettlebells have become a staple piece of equipment for Personal Training Sessions, Boot Camps, and Circuit Training and can be used to develop and improve:

•Strength and Power


•Muscular Endurance

•Functional Ability

•Core Function

•Sports Performance


•Body Composition

•Cardiovascular Fitness


Why are Kettlebells so effective?

A number of Kettlebell Lifts utilise the Posterior Kinetic Chain which consists of Erector Spinae, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings. The Muscles of the Posterior Kinetic Chain are some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the human body. Kettlebell Lifts force these muscles to generate power through a technique known as the “hip snap” which is emphasised during lifts such as the Kettlebell Swing. The hips can be seen as the “power zone” where the forward motion and acceleration to effectively perform a swing is generated. If this is executed correctly the muscles of your Posterior Kinetic Chain will ignite and torch unwanted bodyfat!

Check the Video below showing the progression of my kettlebells swings over the past 6 months demonstrating the “hip snap”

#HIIT #Squats #WeightLoss

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