Protein: How much should you be eating?

Protein is essential as part of your recovery process from all exercise you do. Without adequate protein, training hard will leave your muscles with a deficit of the building blocks they need to recover, which means you'll wont build and repair muscle fibres. More muscle fibre will make you feel stronger, healthier and will help you burn more calories. An active individual should have a minimum daily intake of one gram of protein per kg of his or her body weight. An adult male athlete may need 84 to 119 grams per day, and an adult female athlete may need about 66 to 94 grams.

With that in mind the body can only utilize about 20 to 25 grams of protein in one serving, you won’t build bigger muscles by eating a slab of beef for dinner or by downing a hefty protein shake for breakfast!! Therefore it is much better to stagger your intake into 5 smaller servings throughout the day, this is also far better for keeping your metabolism going (which is vital for those wanting to loose weight) and helping you feel more full and therefore stopping you from reaching for the chocolate digestives on your tea/coffee breaks!! I always advise that at first you should try your hardest to get the adequate protein from natural sources such as Meat, Fish, Eggs, Nuts etc rather than a protein shake. As it enforces creating healthy habits rather than reaching for a “quick fix”.

For those needing a protein shake I would strongly recommend a whey isolate based shake, I use the Protein Works Whey Isolate which comes in a variety of amazing different flavours!!

Here are some great natural sources of protein:

Eggs – 6grams per egg

Chicken Breast – 30g (per 100g)

Greek Yogurt – 17g (6oz Tub)

Lentils – 18g per Cup

Brown Rice – 5g Per Cup

Beef Mince – 14g (per 100g)

Mixed Roasted Nuts – 20g (per 100g)

Tuna – 30g per 100g

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