Finding New Motivation

As most of you will have perhaps already seen my training over the past few months has been pretty relentless, weights sessions followed by HITT Cardio Sessions in order to shed some unwanted bodyfat thats been stubborn and not moved for years despite extensive efforts to get rid of it! Lots of people have asked me, whats the aim of all this training? I've honestly not been able to give anyone an answer apart from "wanting to tone up" and left me questioning myself as to what I am actually trying to achieve apart from trying to prove a point perhaps.

I won't lie when I say that just over a week ago my motivation came to a grinding halt and ordered myself a Pizza, destroying the whole thing in less than 15minutes. Although it tasted amazing and filled a hole it made me ask myself why I had worked so hard over the past few months to get into probably the best shape I have ever been in to let it all go. It was time to take other peoples advice and focus my mind on something that would not only test but push me past through the plateau that I seemed to have hit. So after weeks of peer pressure from two of the other trainers at Windsor (Matt and Tara) I entered my first Sprint Triathlon in 3 years at Thorpe Park Resort.

I may have left training for this a bit late (4 weeks till race day) but my focus is renewed and I am making sure every session is as effective as it can be.

This week I have made my training specific to Triathlon, all cardio sessions are either a Swim, Bike or Run. My weights sessions remain the same, however to beat my legs into shape I have brought in a brutal legs workout that involves a superset of 50 leg presses and 40 walking lunges from Dwayne Johnsons (The Rock) Hercules Workout. Its safe to say my Legs do not know what has hit them this week!! My Carbohydrate intake is back up so my body has the energy to cope with the added demands of the training I am now doing.

The result of week 1 of 4 is that my body feels absolutely battered! However this morning my bodyweight dropped below 70kg for the first time in nearly two years. My Wetsuit has arrived and I am looking forward to my first lake swim next week and my Trisuit fits a lot better than it used to! 3 years ago I achieved a time of 1hr 21mins 42 seconds in my first ever Sprint Tri finishing in 14th Place Overall. I have no doubt the competition will be a lot tougher this time around however I am really excited about the prospect of beating my previous time and the effects the next 4 weeks of training will have on my body with my renewed focus and motivation!

This Weeks Training

Sunday - Legs+Mobility Session @ Buzz Gym Slough

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - AM: 20km Bike PM: Chest & Triceps

Wednesday - AM 8km Run PM: Back & Biceps

Thursday - Legs (Hercules Session)

Friday - AM: 1.5km Swim PM: Chest & Triceps

Saturday - Back and Biceps

Sunday - OFF

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