Training Update January-April

Since January I decided to get serious again once more and make a conscious effort to shed my "winter coat" and push my body to new limits. Many of you have commented over the few weeks you have noticed I have leaned out and built muscle, thank you for your really positive comments! So I have decided to focus this next blog on how I have achieved what I have over the past few months. The photos below were taken on the 18th January and 22nd March.


I went through a rough patch in January which left me feeling very low and quite negative about my body image which wasnt helped by the added pressure of being a Personal Trainer and feeling as though you have to "look the part". Further motivation was provided after uploading my first image to instagram of my transformation on the 18th January when I was approached at work and was told "I saw your picture you uploaded, its not the leanest I've ever seen a man.." That quote and others have stuck in my head and everytime I have felt like quitting and just accepting where I currently am they have motivated me to get off my backside and nail a gym session


I've cut down on weekly trips out to Nandos and Byron Burger and really concentrated on my diet during the week. Cutting out copious amounts of carbohydrate, replacing sugar filled coffees with gingerbread green tea. As well as reviewing my supplementation plan to include Branched Chain Amino Acids and a higher level of natural protein sources (Chicken, Lean mince etc). Whenever I have felt like eating a tonne of chocolate I've turned to a Grenade Protein Bar or eaten chocolate in moderation!


In order to achieve what I wanted over the past few months I needed to rethink my training plan. At the beginning of January I watched about 30mins or so of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pumping Iron on Netflix, something that stuck in my ind was that I clearly had become very complacent with my weight training, and not lifting heavy enough. Arnold talked about reaching failure at the end of each set, regardless of the rep range. This is something I implemented into my training immediately and ramped all of my weights up and it wasn't long before I started seeing the results. I also implemented 3 HITT Cardio Sessions a week as a second session, 2x20mins split between 2 machines (Tredmill, Octane and AMT - I cannot stomach a Rowing Machine after 7 years of those things!) HITT Cardio is great as it only takes a short amount of time to burn a large amount of calories, and theres something I enjoy about the Intensity instead of Long Slow Duration Cardio!

Whats Next?

I now find myself at my next stage and ready to break the next plateau and have already began changing to a new programme and increasing reps back to sets of 12. My mobility is far greater and my Squats and Deadlifts are Technically the best they have been in a long time. I am pain free from the mobilization exercises that have loosened off my back and I believe generally I am in the best shape I have been in in a very long time. So long as I can maintain the changes I have implemented so far!!!] Now the sun is finally coming out you'll see me sprinting up and down the Astro a lot more with the Heavy Battle Ropes!!

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