Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercise: Implementing my own plan!

Over the last few weeks I have been applying the Corrective Exercises from my Postural Analysis course and cannot praise the effect adding them to my warm ups has had on exercises such as squats and deadlifts enough!

I learnt a hell of a lot being on the course and being on the course highlighted my problem areas which I have had for almost a decade on and off. It turns out my ankle and hip flexibility have been restricted due to the training I have done since I was 13 as a rower, as all the movements completed in training have been forwards and backwards with no lateral movement. As a result my body has tightened up and "locked down" to protect itself! Lateral movements such as side lunges are now cemented into my routine to remain as mobile as I can!

Over the last few weeks

I have been including the appropriate mobilisation exercises into my warm up and already can see and feel the difference!

Not only am I benefiting from an increased range of motion but I am no longer waking up every morning with lower back pain and suffering all morning!

If your suffering from lower back pain contact me today and get yours checked!!

#PosturalAnalysis #LowerBackPain #Squats #Deadlifts #Mobility

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