The Picture that Forced a Change!

The Picture that forced a change!

The common perception of Personal Trainers is that we have always been health conscious, physically fit and never had to worry about managing our weight. When the truth is we all have a story to tell!

As a teenager I rowed at The Windsor Boys School competing to National Level until I injured my lower back which lead me to stop rowing and start coaching. Rowing at a competitive level requires a lot of training and therefore required a large calorie intake to provide energy for training and racing. The combination of halting all physical activity, still intaking a large amount of calories and discovering the joys of alcohol and clubbing quickly lead to me piling on a lot of excess weight! Hitting 86kg at my heaviest (being 5 foot 7, that’s not a great look!!) I didn’t realise the level of my weight gain until my graduation day at University, after seeing the pictures of my graduation day I decided it was time to make a change and get back to shape.

I started by reviewing my diet, making small changes that were realistic to maintain in the long run. Starting by cutting out crisps, chocolate biscuits and weekly trips to dominoes pizza. I implemented a full body weights programme 3 times a week to build muscle and I joined in on cardiovascular exercise I was setting my Under 15 Rowing Squads at the time and went swimming for an hour one evening a week aiming to complete more distance each week.

After leaving Windsor Boys as a member of staff in 2012 and starting my career in the leisure industry I varied my training to split muscle groups up onto separate days to allow them recovery time, I soon realized my training had plateaued and I was training with no real purpose. I then entered Reading Half Marathon, Tough Mudder and Wargrave Sprint Triathlon and began training specifically for each event, renewing my motivation for exercise and losing more unwanted weight.

Over the past year and a half I have reviewed my diet several times in order to break the plateau, again making small tweaks here and there which are realistic and maintainable instead of going for a unrealistic overhaul. Me and my training partner and fellow PT Sam have experimented with new training programmes, adding kettlebells, boxing, HITT training, german volume training (which is killer by the way) keeping things fresh and preventing the plateau.

Morales of the Story:

Dominoes and excessive alcohol intake at University without exercise leads to bad Graduation Photos

Small realistic changes over time

Don't be afraid to try new things and keep it Fresh!


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