I started working with Georgia over a year ago and the difference between then and now is unbelievable. What’s is so truly amazing about this transformation is the physical transformation only scratches the surface.

Yes Georgia has lost a lot of weight and her lower body has become incredibly strong. But she has addressed some major fears over the last year when it comes to the gym, attending classes, training with other trainers while I am away, and today she attended her first Spin Class.

Her confidence is now through the roof and her personality has grown tenfold, she’s addressed her anxiety and finally strong enough to stop medication for that. She now not only does her PT sessions but Boxes every Thursday and is a staple to that group.


Dave started training with me a year ago and the difference not only in his body weight and composition is incredible. When we started Dave’s back was incredibly fragile and we spent weeks and months building up his strength and mobility through Pilates, gradually introducing Bodyweight exercises and the right resistance training. He is now able to attend BoxHIIT Group PT sessions and complete all the exercises.

When we started he could not squat or lunge, as his body wouldn’t allow him. He now squats the heavier kettlebells and completes weighted lunges across the gym floor. He used to struggle with some of the more basic Pilates exercises but is now working on completing some of the more advanced due to his hard work in completing the mobility exercises he’s given in his own time.

He has lost over 3 stone, 2 of which during the last 90 Day Challenge, relieving stress off of his joints and back. All without throwing any real high intensity at him, as he has nailed his diet and increased his level of activity to sustain a calorie deficit!

In September 2019 he completed a 300mile bike ride challenge and this year he’s stepping up to complete London to Paris.


When we started training together we solely focused on High Intensity Interval Training and focused a lot on Bootcamp style training and Boxing. Since then not only has his body transformed but his training has also! We introduced him to weight training to increase his muscle mass and he now lifts some very impressive numbers! A few injuries to contend with along the way, which we have conquered

The most impressing thing about Mike is that he’s never afraid to try something new and challenges himself and take on monster workouts!

The result OF ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS a leaner, more defined, more mobile and confident Mike!


Gerry trains ONE A WEEK WHERE WE GIVE HIM A brutal session to repeat 3 times that week. EACH WEEK WE CHANGE HIS ROUTINE TO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. hE USED TO SUFFER FROM TIGHT HAMSTRINGS AND LOWER BACK PAIN BUT THROUGH HIS HARD WORK AND SELF MOTIVATION. THE END RESULT HAS BEEN THAT Not only has Gerry lost a lot of weight but he has transformed his lifestyle, eating habits and now physically stronger and more mobile! AS WELL AS BEING A BRILLIANT GUY AND A PLEASURE TO TRAIN!



the Kettlebell Killer herself! I still in my head cannot get over and I am in genuine awe of what this lady has achieved and I am so incredibly proud of her! These pictures are about a year apart, however its not just the weight loss that I am most proud of. When we started training her mobility and strength was holding her back not only in the gym, but day to day at work. She now squats and swings 20kg Kettlebells with ease and then picks up a heavy Slam Ball and smashes it to the floor and her TRX work is awesome.

The implications to her day to day life have been massive and that for me is what counts the most! She never thought she would go out running or complete Insanity style classes but she goes out running around Londons parks and completes those workouts in her free time as her joints are now strong enough for them!

No massive diet overhaul, just moderation, increasing activity level and lots of hard work in the gym!

Much like everyone else featured so far she is an inspiration to all of us!


During my University Studies I gained a significant amount of unwanted weight through poor lifestyle choices. After graduating I made the conscious decision to make small but significant lifestyle changes which lead to me shedding 15kgs of unwanted body fat using the knowledge obtained from my degree and experience of tailoring training programmes for the athletes I had coached. I have since completed two half marathons, a variety of 10km fun runs, a Tough Mudder and now compete in triathlon at sprint and Olympic distances. This Year i have also complete my first ever half ironman in a time of 5hrs 33mins finishing 9th in my category. i have also successfully rehabilitated a Shoulder AC Dislocation.

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